by Trudger

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Dormoveglia will get a one time pressing on transparent blue twelve-inch vinyl, limited to 300 copies, to be released August 1st, 2014. Available via Church Of Fuck and Sell Your Soul Records.


released August 1, 2014

‘Dormiveglia' was recorded and mixed by Joe No Studio (Esoteric Youth, Old Skin, Iced Out) and mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Sleep, SUNN O))), Nails).

Album art by Michael Ribeiro at Ghost Dagger



all rights reserved


Trudger Barnsley, UK

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Track Name: Into The Abysmal Future
Empowered gaze through limitations
Finding room in closed up space
Shedding callous hesitations
Torrent of life through stagnant veins

Staring into the abysmal future
Bodies wilting under graves
Where in the dirt and the endless darkness
A glowing orb still flickers away

With unburdened vigilance in sleeping eyes
Staring up at familiar ceilings
Harnessed the beam of visceral light
Still in the marble sky I saw no meaning

It slowly stirs, around in circles
Until I find myself right back at the beginning
To find worth, to find purpose
The search is endless in this lifeless lack of meaning/

I sought to speak with the ominous voice of the universe
Or have its almighty hand pin me to my bed
Or some spectral figure gowned in healing light
Come to lift the sorrow from my head

Though I felt alive, I was still unhappy
As my skull was unscrewed from my neck/
The life was poured out of my body
I don't recall what happened next

Hate is home / Hope is distant
Fate is cold / Ground imprisons
Death unveiled / Dark has risen
Cold prevails / Life is hidden

Everything gets tangled in dreams I can't recognise
Spinning like storms at the back of my head
Once in a while swinging pendulously by
Hung from the clock that counts down to my death
Track Name: Become Joyless
Sink through the fog to the bottom
In loneliness be forgotten
In this dim room merge with darkness
Cast out pure thought become joyless

Inhabit misery, bitterness become me
Loneliness, welcome home
Linger with the creeping cold
Sanctify solitude
Conspire with loathsome moon
Hands of stone, deliver me
To astral planes of endless space

One with death, devoid of life
The hollow head, the vacant mind
The scoured Earth, the concrete tide
These weary legs, these tired eyes

Trudged across the barren waste
To be free from this dismal place
But flourished fields and cleansing rain
Didn't clarify nor ease the pain

The sorrow this seclusion brings
The anguish this thunder sings
The apathy that banes my soul
The frozen ground, the fallen snow

Parting Earth, the crushing weight
The breath of God wont sway my fate
Born for death, the promised tomb
For sacrifice, to be consumed

The sorrow this seclusion brings
The anguish this thunder sings

The breath of God wont sway my fate
(The flourished fields, the cleansing rain)

The apathy that banes my soul
The frozen ground, the fallen snow

The flourished fields, the cleansing rain
(The breath of God wont sway my fate)

One with death, devoid of life
The hollow head, the vacant mind
The scoured Earth, the concrete tide
These weary legs, these tired eyes

Cold hands collect, with black light beating down
Rid me of this debt, all that I owe the ground

Obliterate the sun from the aching sky
Alleviate the sanity from sinking minds
Align the woes like rows of headstone
Throw the withered corpse under the daily grind
To devour the dreaming from the endless night
Drag the gown of death over the fleeting life
Track Name: Thickening Fog
Empty is the void, swallows faded sun
Earth withers in absence of its golden God
Raking through the fields, turning aching soils
Left to regress, in dusts of death and worlds defiled

Lusting for power / Anguish of life imprisoned
Top of the tower / The key to infinite wisdom

To pierce through the looming cloud of slumber
Is to subject the world to the plummeting hammer of thunder

Death takes its time
Nothing left behind

Unfurling void, life swept aside
In the crushing vice of the curling tide
Across shattered grounds, through falling skies
The world resounds in collapsing life

Death takes its time
Nothing is left behind

Clouds cling to us, like nightmares to writhing sleepless nights
Haunted winds blow through, derelict vacancy of mind
Breath in deep the fumes, the thickening fog of greed and lust
The only path ahead is paved with concrete, and rubble, and rust

Surface of this world, bleached black, with the end of harmonious existence
The script on the stone, the forests dying breath, were 'good riddance'
Track Name: Barren Grey
I fled this castles burning windows
To trudge across the blackened meadows
But this forest knows my faults
Before they're made

Its winding roots drag into promised graves
The swelling void which leads to nothing
So each lumbered step across the barren grey
Deprived of joy, bound in loathing
Evaporates into the spreading waste
Breath and blood, my own undoing

The pieces missing from the proper place
The sorrow spreading over harrowed face
The sombre slumber and the dreaded wake
The grave marked hole and the time it takes

And all that it takes from you
All that replaces you

Become the failures of your ruined hopes
The realisation all you truly know
Is the surface feeds on vanquished souls
You are a pile of blood and brittle bones

Bound to break
But a heart of nothing bears the greater weight

Death will find me in the cruel cold
In the fog alone, nothing to take
But its ancient hands will stake take hold
And through the scorned Earth they rake

Piercing through the thick concrete
Through the soil, and the roots and weeds

Part the dirt around this dismal hole
Sink in slumber of relinquished time
Strip the shell back to its lonely bones
At least death might bring some piece of mind

Hollow soul
Track Name: State Of Constant Slumber
Drift in silence, sink in fear
All lost in lonely minds
Without searching, without care
Without knowing what to find

Flash of clarity bearing down
To gown the world in abrasive light

Asking if we fear the rain
If its the vice that keeps us inside
Promise its water all the same
Newly found its form in life

Falling down through open space
To wash the sickness from your mind

Beckoning down on the dark of these dimming days
All knowing saviour, come to fix our lives
Washing away all our sins like water
Drowning away all our hurt like wine

Content with misery, slovenly suffer through life
Drown in self pity, embrace the squalor the strife
Washing away all your sins like water
Drowning away all your hopes like wine

Hollow soul
Swallowed whole
Track Name: Morgued
Shadows will unravel and the cold will take its hold
Bitterness is all this perished pasture ever grows
Wilt in the withering waste, in boredom alone
Rapidly dying inside, yet everything else seems to move so slow

But there is a place, separate from time
In the deep reclusive alcoves of my mind
Where no sky hosts stars to ever align
And only dust can echo the absence of life

But how the dust does gather
Blurs the lines that separate
It is a darkness which grows deeper
Until only pitch black remains

I feel as I have been submerged
And am now dissolving
Purpose in life is hard to attain
But I don't want to turn into nothing

Fast asleep
Eat the dreams
From my skull

The sky swelling thunder
Gown my guilts in slumber
And In the morning when the sun rolls in
The heavy breathing, beating pulse begins
Not in spite of day, but fear of night
When the sky weeps to be held by light
And the moon calls out, but the sky still lit dim
Sinks in silence, like the corpse I'm in