Motionless in Dirt

by Trudger

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released June 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Trudger Barnsley, UK

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Track Name: The Opaque Light
Theres darkness
up the walls again
A tree of
plagues is
growing in my head
The shadows
out my thoughts at night
So I could
hide behind
the opaque light

in the forsaken midnight
of the irresolute future
Hides out
in the
fragments of daylight
away with
the receeding darkness

Our bones will all be buried soon
Without time to waste on solitariness
Shelter from hells arms hunting us
Motionless in dirt

climbing the walls
tree of
plagues is growing
hollow the thoughts
the opaque light

There is a headstone that i drag behind me
So young, still so scared of death
I see the sun fall from the sky before me
I'm so scared, its not coming back
Track Name: Misery Labyrinth
Forage the forbidden fruit
Fallen in a forest of swords
Treetops scratch the sky out
concrete litters the floor

Void forever twisting
Chasm sinks below
Universe eroding
Darkness eats the soul

Do you feel awake
Or has the concrete waste
Sapped the life out of you?

Do you feel alive
Or has the mediocrity of days
Made a ghost out of you?

we're wasting away
in chasms of hate
do you feel awake
or are you numb to it all?

Worn out
Lost in
Misery labyrinth

Washed out
Drowned in
Chasm of mortal sins

in spectral light
you lost your mind in the darkness
sanity shattered in fragments
reflections draw out the night
Track Name: Crusade on the Tides of Hades
There is some serpantile beast
stirring the black at the bottom
countless eyes awaken at once
see through the fog,

we've been drifting here for months
sickness setting in
searching for some fertile soil
to plant our flag in

but nothing is going to grow
for miles and miles around here
no wind or waves keep us on course

we all know something is moving

i've lost track on what its for
what this means to everything
I owe it all to my god

or at least thats what i've been believing

a bitter wind is picking up
reaches the waves before our sails
they're left draped, stagnant like my men

as clouds assemble

the water darkens around the ship
satan spits thunder through the night
stockpiled hate, across thousands of centuries

comes thrusting forth from the falling skies

and as the lightning strikes the sea
the tides, they part like open hands
ushering us to come in
the waters whisper lucifers plans

and all the noises human ears
had never heard, but always feared
resonated from the waters
our pleeding words can't help us here

and as its many heads emerge
i feel a sinking in my gut
vortex winds dragging us in
and finally fill our sails up
collosal beast, its open mouth
a tunnel through space and time
the universe untreaded in its stomach
the ship surging towards the light
crusade on the tides of Hades
crusade through space and time
sailing on the pull of the planets
our ship, lost, drifting through the night.